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Viewers (2004)
  01. Outside Acts
02. In Despair
03. Apart
04. Behind The Screen
05. Skin
06. Viewers
07. Orbital
08. Torch
09. Tread The Boards
10. Avenge
11. All I am

Intravenous (2002)

  Outside Acts  
  Be your prisoner inside of the safe field
Never let your dreams be in your way
Dying just hold on to what has passed
Don't let anyone know who you are
Be the passenger of the ever sinking ship
Lock yourself up
Don't let anyone know

Just stop
Let ages pass without you
Just be forgotten like you never were there
Remain in ashes, in our minds
Never let the future get to know you
Leave your presence to the random
Lay down as you are no one to be seen
Trust the fearing people in your past
Let them all be right
Leave no trace behind you when you're gone
Make sure no one will get to know who's inside


Were you ever there
Is this the way you want to live your life

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  In Despair  
  Rage awakening deep inside of me
Making me aware
To set my feelings free
What used to be concealed is now brought up
Visibly taking over me
When I see what you are doing
Something's growing frightening me
I can't hold it for much longer
Stop your actions immediately

Step aside
Do your best to make up to what you have done
Then I'll be sending your petition for mercy
Spare me my anger and maybe I will find a way
To forgive you for proving such disrespect
I have seen it for a long time
I've been indulgent with my eyes shut
I can't hold this for much longer
I have tired of this proven fact

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  It was never my idea to send those troops
It was never my will to start a war
It was never my mind to cause you this pain
It was never my sign on the paper
It was never my words to announce this
So who gave you permission to take my life

Do you think you rule me
My ways
My every will
Does this very soul belong to you as well
Do you think you rule me
Perhaps I'm just a walking dummy
So who gave you this permission to take my life

In the seamy side we are put down
And there is nothing we can do
Only watching these diseased acts of man

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  Behind The Screen  
  Like any other picture flashing by
We see blood and tears
We've been used to it for some time
It is now part of us
Like any of those former made up worlds
The screen is filled with our interpretation
Who will prove this truly is for real
Are we damaged by our fantasy

Out of our range
Outside of our views
Real lives are taken away
As we're here in the seamy side
As we're here behind the soothing screen

Suffering beyond our imagination
It seems far away
Too distant to be real
We think we have been there done that through our pain
We are not too knowing
Not too knowing
Lives are being taken away
Evil arise
Our absence makes it all continue
Continue without our opinion
Continue without our support


Who'll be there to console the ones who're in desperate need
In need for our help

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  You hit me with your eyes
You defeat me with your smile
You face me with your looks
And make me very weak
You slam me down with your bare presence
And do you know
At the time you make me feel so alive

Forget about the things that I do have got
Forget about the things that I have to loose
My mind is a mess
And I know I want more
More of you
That's what I'm longing for

Seeking reasons not to get even closer
Not to go pass the line
Common sense is expired by now
I shouldn't need to be in disguise
Searching myself
Finding my heart belongs there
No matter what I've got
This is what you have done to me
My heart is now in your hands

Is this just a way to escape my daily round
An attempt to leave this some what unfortunate path
Will this take me further
Or simply bring me down
This probably will cause me more pain than joy
Just by being around you're making my day
Satisfying my heart
And giving me reasons to stay
As long as I see you
I will stay pleased
I will stay the same
Loosing myself more and more each day


Seeking reasons not to go pass the line
Searching, finding no matter what I've got
My heart is now in your hands
I shouldn't need to be in disguise

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  I see you are watching just like I am
Though we all work so differently
You belong to the mighty core
At the peak of your career
You know, you should be satisfied
Equipped with everything that's right
Still I can see the longing in your eyes

I am but the outsider
Admiring what you posess
So why this focusing on what you haven't got

I wish to add more joy
More lasting joy
I wish to heal souls
To release souls into life
Is there any way for viewers to find what's really inside
Is there any way for viewers to find true happiness

We are all viewers wanting more
We are all unsatisfied
Never happy too stay
It gets too much of this daily round
So this agony we apply
Does it cause us even more
Or is it just a way of our nature
A way of our kind

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  No Lyrics (Instrumental)  
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  Endless tunnel
Dark passages
Endless walls
Colorless surroundings
Wet dusty smell
Far reaching shadows
Emrace the immobile
Bells ringing
Prepare the next load

Regular breathing
Inhale the ashes
Feel the engines
Serve and move on
Cold metallic voices
Echoing rapidly
Nothing left for humanity
Only whispers of warmth remain

Caught among the remnants
Despising what we are
Love of life deprived
The engine is on
A heart out of senses
Drifting further away
Awaiting the end
Awaiting the end

Where is the light
Where is the life
In the ceiling I can spot cables and wires
What is their task
What are they connected to
If I manage to take a short break
I can feel the smell of human corpses


A confined heart unable to express
Losing the last amount of humanity
Nothing is safe
Nothing is achievable
A confined heart unable to move
Drifting further and further away
Awaiting the end
Awaiting the end
Almost longing

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  Tread The Boards  
  Let us stay presented
Let us raise our voice
Let us show our inside
And do the right thing
Defeat your inner fear
To get somewhere tonight
Know that you are better
Than words can declare

Let us show ourselves
Let us show ourselves
Take my hand and
Let us walk into the crowd of
People longing for more
Join hands
Join hearts
Join your voices

Let your heart decide
What ever is right
Don't you trust your mind
It is often there to blind
Find out what you're really
Really looking for
Take the opportunity
Your one single chance

Come with me and
Together let's do what ever is needed
Come with me and together let's reunite
In a way we've never done before


And we're longing for more

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  Prejudiced souls
Now step away
You have caused too much already
You're about to go down
If you don't end this here and now
Hateful ones
Just say goodbye
Unmask yourselves
It's time to face the ultimate price
For your actions

You were judging me
You were judging them
For not being you
Are you happy with yourself
As you're apparently never pleased
And I know life will go on
Yours will too
But you'll never really live
Cause your hearts are blank
Cause your minds are all corrupted

Fearful ones
Your predetermining thoughts
Will not bother no more
Your time is up
Your sorry minds will be isolated
Taken away
We'll let you drown in your fear
We'll let you die in your lack of knowledge
You had your chance
Like I had mine
Who are you to judge me anyway

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  All I Am  
  Breathing calmly
Watching gently
My days falling apart
As I see you passing by
Tearing my eyes
Nobody matters now
I'm in this hibernation

This is all I am
You made me see
Now go be proud of your work
This is all I am to you
It's all I deserve
I know you will not wait forever
For me to arrive
And that's why I'm in this breakdown
Knowing too much

All the words to remember
I repeat to myself
While listening to the echoing heartbeats
I heard it all
I saw it all
No need to hide from what you know
This is what I am now
And still you're in my sight

Your work is done


I'm here because of you
You made me see
Now go be proud of your work
This is all I am to you

Your work is done
Now leave me alone

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