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In My Mind [EP] (2002)
  01. In My Mind
02. In My Mind (Colony 5 Remix)
03. In My Mind (Epsilon Minus Remix)
04. In My Mind (Pride And Fall Remix)
05. Sacrifice Myself
06. Moving Hands (Klinik cover)
07. One Last Time (Jazzmix)
In My Mind [EP] (2002)

  In My Mind  
  Saving grace while full of pain and hate
To be me
And looking for a way to find myself
To feel free
But i rot in my cell of guilt
Walk the path of fading souls
Dusk is closing in on me
Erasing my identity

I see the markings on your skin
I hear the voices deep within
I can not see the face I fear
I know the end is near
This time the darkness will be seen
This time my concience will be clean
I can not see your face
I know the end is near

Feelings stain your face in dark blue shade
Caving in
And in my mind i think of you as dead
We will fall
Leaving broken hope in all you touch
As a gift
And we're lost - as it seems
In this dream - let me be

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  Sacrifice Myself  
  We are the last ones
The last ones of our kind
And everytime the sun goes down
I claim all that is mine
Adrenaline in my head
Heat is rising
Taking over control

And going further
Further down this road
I know that I want no simple lies from you

I feel the stains of time
Losing contact to the other side
And I'm down on my knees
I sacrifice myself

Hear the engines in my heart

I multiply myself
My radiant channels from god
And I can sense the loss of something beautiful
And future needs of time
Traveling in my way

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