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V/A - Dynamo Vol. 1 (2006)
  01. Code 64 - Sea of Stars [Single edit]
02. Code 64 - Sea of Stars [Pehr Herb ROF - ReMix]
03. Code 64 - Carry Me Home [303]
04. Code 64 - Sea of Stars [Covox Correction]
05. Code 64 - Sphere
06. Michigan - The Fallen Star [Single]
07. Michigan - The Fallen Star [For Your Love Mix]
08. Michigan - Emotional Silence
09. Michigan - Sad Queen [Bastai Mix]
10. Backlash - Breach (Lischer remix)
11. Backlash - Breach (Radio edit)
12. Backlash - Fool Impersonated
13. Backlash - Lodestar (LSB mix)

14. Z Prochek - One Day
15. Z Prochek - One Day [Vigilante Remix]
16. Z Prochek - One Day [(Accept These Consequences) Neikka RPM Remix]
17. Z Prochek - Quarantine

V/A - Dynamo Vol. 1 (2006)

  One Day  
  Expressionless and broken
Unhealthy life
Another day has passed now
Not much of a time
Looking out the window
The tears are dried up
The sun is shining above me
With that heavy light

One day I'll need no comfort
Stronger and all healed
Then one day I wont be caring
I'll be changed emotionally

Not a glance at all the present
Memories of the past
No defence to grab
No dreaming of the time I used to have

Then one day none of these scars will hurt me anymore
All the shadows left upon me
All vanished and far gone
There will be a time when I wont
See you everytime I close my eyes

I guess I am just failing
All lost in the wounds
Making up excuses
Not to let go
It is so hard to except this
But this time I don't have a choice
I have to let things go now
And breath new air

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  Hand in hand with the far reaching walls
Forward moving
Our destiny's called
See the lines we've been walking this far
All is known
We're the rulers

This is the spot we've been choosed to destroy
Slowly melting down as we all grow old
In time we'll see things would not turn on us
Nothing would ever make a sound

So where's the sign we were waiting for
Where are the dreams we heard of so long ago
What's the hurry
The circle's complete
Here for us in this quarantine

So where's the sign

Feeling good
This is the safest way
Everything's here and predicted to stay
We'll loose nothing
I can see the end
There is nothing to worry about

So where's the sign
Where are the dreams we heard of

Nothing to miss
Nothing to fear
No curtain to fall
When we're in here
Know what's to come
With no unpleasant surprise

Do as we say
Nothing will ever turn bad again
As we're safe from the world
Safe from hurting ourselves

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