Z Prochek main

Z Prochek was formed in Autumn of 2000 in Luleå, Sweden, when Martin Skånberg and Johan Otterheim met during their first year in college. They shared a big interest for alternative music and decided to start a band. They formed Z Prochek. In May of 2001, they recorded the demo "A Digital Autopsy," which immediately got the attention from record label Memento Materia.

In Spring of
2002, Z Prochek got signed by Prototyp, the sublabel of Memento Materia and a few months later they released the "In My Mind" EP. The following Fall, the debut album "Intravenous" was released and became a huge success and entered first place in the German Alternative Charts (DAC) for 8 weeks.

Vocalist Johan decided to leave the band after the release, so all offers regarding future gigs and events had to be turned down. But this wouldn't be the end of Z Prochek in any way. Martin now had the time to develop the Z Prochek sound and find a replacement for Johan.

In March of
2003, Martin came in contact with singer/composer Markus Bustad. Markus became the new singer of Z Prochek, and later the album "Viewers" was released in 2004. 30 release parties were held in Germany and the album entered number six in the DAC. 2005 was mainly spent touring in places such as Sweden, Norway, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Russia.

2006, the "One Day" single was released as part of the "Dynamo Vol. 1" compilation (alongside singles from Code 64, Michigan, and Backlash).