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August 6, 2006
Exclusive Z Prochek tracks:
Four singles from four artists released on one album! "Dynamo Vol 1" brings you high quality electro- and technopop from artists Code 64, Michigan, Backlash and Z Prochek. 17 tracks in all. Features new tracks from Z Prochek, including 3 mixes of the single "One Day," as well as the previously-unreleased track "Quarantine."

You can pick this album up from Memento Materia [Sweden], Hot Stuff [Sweden], Shadowland [Norway], A Different Drum [USA], Storming The Base [Canada], and other online stores.

Site-related news:
The Z Prochek site has a new webmaster. We brought him in just to maintain the site, but went even further and re-coded the entire site and added new content. We hope that you will enjoy the updated site, and return for more new stuff. Please make use of the 'Contact' section if you have any ZPK-related content or links to provide. Thanks.

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